Issues A First Article Inspection Lab Can Catch During Part Production


Before you start mass-producing a part, you first want to analyze the components thoroughly to ensure there are no defects or red flags that could have a negative impact. First article inspection labs help with this early testing, and they can test for these issues in particular. Inconsistent Material Quality Regardless of what type of component you're trying to bring to the market, material quality always needs to be consistent. If it wasn't, then there is a good chance your products won't work out for all consumers that use them, and that's a good way to harm your company's reputation.

4 January 2021

4 Things That Can Impact The Cost Of A Custom Structural Steel Fabrication Job


If you are looking to have something made from structural steel, then you might be planning on working with a custom structural steel fabrication company. Of course, as is the case with any project that your business takes on, one thing that you might be wondering about is how much your project is going to cost. These projects can vary widely in cost, so how much your business will have to spend depends on a number of different factors.

23 April 2020

3 Tips For Renting A Vacuum Dehydrator


If you want to make use of a vacuum dehydrator within your place of business, you could be thinking about renting one. With the different models that are available, you might not know which one to choose. These are a few tips that can help you rent the right vacuum dehydrator for the job. 1. Choose a Smaller and Lighter Unit First of all, when you can, look for the smallest and lightest vacuum dehydrator that will work for the job at hand.

26 November 2019

Things You Never Knew About Graphite (But Wish You Did!)


Remember the first time an adult told you that your lead pencil was not lead? He/she probably told you that because lead is toxic, the "lead" in your pencil was actually graphite. However, the graphite was still called "lead" because it indicated that something was in your pencil that allowed you to write like the former lead substance.  That brings up a lot of different uses for graphite. Surprisingly, this material does a lot more than just write on paper in school.

18 March 2019

3 Reasons A Steel Frame Is Better For Your Home


Drive past any residential building site and it's highly likely that you will see a wood frame. While a popular option, it's not the only option when it comes to a durable frame. Residential steel is another option to consider. If you have overlooked steel in the past, here are just some of the reasons you should consider it for your new home's construction. A Faster Build Compared to wood, a steel frame construction can offer a faster build.

7 April 2017

3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Display Box


Any time that you are looking to attend a trade show in your field, you need to always prepare the best display possible. You can do this by purchasing a portable display box that you can decorate and set up to your liking. Consider these three tips to make the most of this display box purchase.  #1: Pay Close Attention To Design And Planning When you hit it out of the park at a trade show, you stand to gain a lot of business and connections.

9 April 2016

Current Can Seamer No Longer Working? Why Rebuilt Is The Way To Go


If you own or manage an industrial plant, you understand that one of the most important pieces of equipment on your line is the can seamer.  This piece of machinery locks products into their designated container by creating an airtight seam that prevents leakage and premature spoilage.  When your can seamer begins to malfunction, you may experience a moment of panic at the thought of having to spend the money to purchase a brand new one.

8 December 2015

What Are The Factors That Affect Fuel And Oil Prices?


Like any other commodities, fuel and oil prices are most affected by supply and demand. While demand can be relatively easier to anticipate, factors that affect supply can change dramatically in a short period of time: What are the factors that affect the supply of fuel and oil? Production As new technologies allow access to previously inaccessible deposits of oil and natural gas, supply is increased. An example of this is the refinement of hydraulic fracturing, or "

12 August 2015

Choosing A CNC Lathe For Your Metal Fabrication Projects


One of the best investments you can make for your new metal fabrication shop is CNC equipment to simplify the process. When you invest in your first CNC lathe, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are several key features you should be looking at when you're choosing CNC machines. Understanding the Swing Specification Swing specification is a term used to refer to the largest diameter part you can put into the machine and spin on the chuck without hitting the safety guards.

28 June 2015

Protect Your Home From Snow With Metal Roofing


Living in a mountain town affords you several opportunities that you can't find in the urban jungle. For one, if you like skiing, hiking, mountain-biking, rock climbing, or other outdoor activities, you can basically stroll out your backdoor and take it all in. On the other hand, living in the mountains can create unique challenges when it comes to building your home. For one thing, snowfall tends to increase as you go up in elevation.

16 June 2015