Safely Shipping Your Printed Circuit Boards


Printed circuit boards can be essential components for many modern electronic devices. Unfortunately, these items can be easily damaged during the shipping process if your business is not careful when it comes to preparing them for shipment.

Reduce The Risk Of Static Damage

Static discharges can be extremely hazardous for printed circuit boards. These damages are able to cause extensive damage to the pathing, resistors, and other components of the boards. Unfortunately, many of the more common packaging materials can actually generate large amounts of static, which can lead to powerful discharges. Static-resistant foil and plastic wrapping can be an essential investment if you are to keep your printed circuit boards safe from these discharges throughout the packaging and shipping process. Packing styrofoam is another material that should be avoided when shipping these items. While static resistant foil may keep these components safe from discharge while surrounded by styrofoam, it can cause a strong charge to build on individuals opening the package. As a result, they may be more likely to be the source of a damaging discharge when they open the packaging for the printed circuit board.

Use Moisture Absorbing Packets

Moisture can be another source of potential damage for these items. Yet many shopping facilities can be fairly humid, which can lead to condensation forming inside the packaging. One option for mitigating the ability of condensation to form may be through the use of moisture-absorbing gel packs. These packs can be placed inside the shipping container so that the humidity will be less prone to dramatic swings. These packets are also small enough that they can easily fit in these containers, but there are limits to the amount of moisture that they can absorb. If the container is left in a rainstorm, these packets will be unable to keep the interior dry. Rather, you should utilize a waterproof container to reduce the risk of it soaking through and harming the board.

Keep The Printed Circuit Boards Stable Throughout Shipping

Unfortunately, the items that you ship can experience considerable bumps and jostles during transit. This can lead to your printed circuit boards suffering damage if they are not properly secured in their container. This is particularly common when you are shipping multiple components or boards in the same container. Using cardboard inserts that can keep the boards held securely in place and that can allow for multiple boards to be safely stacked can be another essential investment to make in your shipping logistics. While this may increase the costs of each shipment, it can also dramatically lower the spoilage rate of your shipments, which can keep replacement costs and customer frustrations low.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for printed circuit board shipping services.


7 September 2021

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