Benefits Of Textile Machines For Making Yarn


Handmade yarn is good for people who want to make a project that is accentuated by variations in the yarn. Most people want yarn that is predictable and consistent, not only within a particular batch but across multiple batches of the same kind and color. Using textile machines is the best option to appease customers who want quality and consistency.

Eliminate Dye Lots

Depending on how your yarn is dyed, you might require a dye lot. When yarn is dyed by hand or measurements for the dye are done by a human, the outcome can be inconsistent. This is the reason some yarn manufacturers will place a dye lot on the skein of yarn and encourage people to buy as much as they need at one time from the same dye lot, so the color is consistent throughout the piece. Having textile machines eliminates this issue. Since the measuring of dye is more exact, manufacturers no longer place a dye lot on their skeins because the color should be consistent across batches.

Yarn Weight

The "weight" of yarn does not mean the yarn weighs a certain amount. This term is used to help buyers determine the thickness of the yarn. In general, yarn ranges from fine to super bulky, depending on the manufacturer. Textile machines are critical for consistency in yarn weight, not only between skeins of yarn but within the same skein. Handmade yarn is typically inconsistent in weight. You may see the yarn get thinner or thicker in various areas of the skein. To avoid these issues, textile machines are critical. Having a consistent weight is also important before customers purchase yarn. People who knit or crochet will choose different weights of yarn for specific projects and will need the yarn to meet their expectations.

Generally, people who knit or crochet will make a swatch before they start a project. Determining the yardage you used for the swatch can be extrapolated to the entire project, which is a far more accurate way of determining how much yarn to buy for that project. Additionally, textile machines are used to wind yarn into a ball or skein. This makes the yarn consistent and minimizes tangles. Finding multiple knots or areas where two strands of yarn were connected together is a major problem.

Textile machines are critical for making high-quality yarn. Customers will have certain expectations of yarn and the best way to meet their expectations is to be consistent. 

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27 April 2023

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