3 Simple Ways To Make Structural Steel Fabrication More Efficient


Steel is becoming one of the most popular materials within the construction industry. Many modern buildings rely on steel for their structural stability.

In order to be incorporated into a building's design, steel must be fabricated in a machine shop. The process of fabricating structural steel elements can have a direct impact on the cost and timeline of a construction project.

Here are three simple changes that you can make to help make your own structural steel fabrication process more efficient over time.

1. Eliminate Superfluous Details 

One of the easiest ways to reduce fabrication time is to streamline the design of your structural steel elements. You want to work with an engineer that can evaluate the overall design of your steel elements on a regular basis.

The engineer will look for superfluous details that don't contribute to the overall function of the structural steel once construction is complete.

Removing these superfluous details can help to simplify each steel element's design, which allows you to more efficiently fabricate your structural steel components in the future.

2. Make Use of 3D Models

Many modern fabrication shops don't take the time to create three-dimensional models of the structural steel elements they plan to build. While it may take you a few extra days to complete a 3D model, investing this time into your project can help you avoid costly delays once fabrication begins.

All members of the construction team can meet and evaluate the 3D model as a group. Any mistakes or design flaws can be identified during the model evaluation, then resolved before actual fabrication begins.

The use of 3D models will help you avoid wasted time and materials when working with structural steel.

3. Use the Right Alloy

Steel can be found in a wide range of alloys. Each of these alloys has unique properties that will impact how effective your fabrication techniques may be.

You should always work closely with a structural engineer to determine which alloy will best meet the overall needs of a construction project. Once you have identified the correct alloy, you can adjust your fabrication process to include techniques that are specifically engineered for that type of alloy.

The simple verification of the optimal alloy can help you streamline the fabrication of any structural steel elements within your shop over time.

When you are able to make your structural steel fabrication more efficient, you can reduce project costs and help to minimize the amount of work required to complete any construction project.


13 September 2022

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