Issues A First Article Inspection Lab Can Catch During Part Production


Before you start mass-producing a part, you first want to analyze the components thoroughly to ensure there are no defects or red flags that could have a negative impact. First article inspection labs help with this early testing, and they can test for these issues in particular.

Inconsistent Material Quality

Regardless of what type of component you're trying to bring to the market, material quality always needs to be consistent. If it wasn't, then there is a good chance your products won't work out for all consumers that use them, and that's a good way to harm your company's reputation.

A first article inspection lab can go in and test a couple of parts during the mass production phase, to see if the materials are high-quality. If they're not, you'll receive notification and can adjust production before you are ready to begin production on a large scale. 

Wrong Dimensions

Even after you've refined a part in the design phase, there is always the chance dimension issues could pop up during the mass production phase of developing a component. You want to catch this quickly, which is possible if you work with a skilled first article inspection lab.

They'll conduct thorough tests to verify your components have the correct dimensions that you originally planned. If they don't, the lab can inform you and you can see what went wrong in production. It may be a machine error, human error, or something else. 

Material Contamination

Just because you've selected a particular material for your parts to be made out of, doesn't mean your selection always ends up being used. Something could happen that causes material contamination, throwing your parts off by a lot and then leading to performance issues.

A first article inspection lab can take a couple of parts from mass production and test them using strict criteria and procedures. This will let you identify material contamination if it is affecting some of your parts, even on a minor scale. You can then trace back manufacturing steps to see where contamination may be happening. 

Designing parts and producing them on a large scale involves a lot of skill, patience, and help from a first article inspection lab. If you're dedicated to working with one, then you'll find potential flaws and have the knowledge to address them before your parts are produced on a mass scale and end up in consumers' hands. 


4 January 2021

Simplifying the Manufacturing Process

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