Using Custom Boxes As Displays For Your Product For Marketing And Retail Sales


If you make a product that you want to market and sell in a retail environment, one of the most important things you can do is create custom packaging that helps attract the customer's attention. Corrugated boxes can be plain and boring, but custom displays made from corrugated material and printed with information in bright colors can be a wonderful display that is easy for retailers to set up.

Custom Display Boxes

When marketing your product in many locations, the easiest way to make the custom displays you want to use is with corrugated boxes or flat packs that are custom-made to be assembled when they reach the store. Working with a box maker to create the displays and have them die-cut, printed, and packed with instructions on how to assemble them is often the best option.  

The corrugated box company can work with you to design the displays to support your product and are printed with the right colors and information to make them attractive to people walking by them in a store. The display box may not sell the product, but if it gets people to stop and look at it, the product can sell itself. 

The placement of the display is vital, so be sure to talk with the retailer about where you need them placed or if you are using a service to set up your displays in local stores, it is crucial that they know what the product placement should be and can talk to the store manager to ensure then set them up in the right spot. 

Buying Boxes

The custom corrugated boxes you are purchasing may need to be bought in large lots if you are using a large box company to make them. Some smaller companies can make smaller lots for you, but the more you buy, the cheaper they will be in most cases. 

Custom corrugated boxes are typically die-cut on a press, so setting up the machine to run a few boxes at a time can be inefficient. Many producers would prefer to print and cut large volumes after taking time to change the tooling in the machine. You will need to discuss the quantity required with the box maker, but sometimes making more than you need can save you cost, but if you don't have space to store them, it can also create other issues. 

Marketing Consistency

When creating the design for your custom corrugated boxes and display boxes, it can be beneficial to print the display box to match or accentuate the designs on the product. Often this continuity in the design will make the display and the product stand out more and create a professional and clean design to display your product. 

For more information about custom corrugated boxes, contact a local company. 


14 March 2022

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