3 Reasons A Steel Frame Is Better For Your Home


Drive past any residential building site and it's highly likely that you will see a wood frame. While a popular option, it's not the only option when it comes to a durable frame. Residential steel is another option to consider. If you have overlooked steel in the past, here are just some of the reasons you should consider it for your new home's construction.

A Faster Build

Compared to wood, a steel frame construction can offer a faster build. A leading reason for this is the fact that steel framework is pre-engineered and designed, somewhat in a modular style. When the contractor orders the pieces, they are designed based on the exact specifications of the frame.

Once they are delivered to the construction-site, they simply have to be placed together like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. With a wood frame design, there are many more steps that can prolong the frames construction. Since time is often synonymous with money, a shorter build time might mean a lower cost.

Increased Durability

Building a home is a major feat and not something you plan to do very often. For this reason, durability is imperative. While wood isn't exactly poor quality, it does not offer the same level of durability that you can expect from a home with a steel frame.

Since this durability is inherent, not only can you look forward to longevity, but you can also look forward to less maintenance over the years. Living in a home that is built to last keeps more money in your wallet and increases your home's value.

Pest Resistance

Wood is often a target for destructive pest like termites. Though small in size, termites pack a major bite. These tiny insects can literally bring a home to the ground once they infest it. Since termites are highly attracted to wood, even if a homeowner takes preventive measures, they can still deal with these pests.

With a steel frame, this is not a concern. Not only are termites not attracted to steel, they can't penetrate it the same as wood. Simply having a steel frame offers one less worry you have to concern yourself with.

Remember, when it comes to building your home, it's not just about having a place to call home. It is also about longevity and earning the greatest return on your investment. A steel frame can help you earn these benefits.


7 April 2017

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