3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Display Box


Any time that you are looking to attend a trade show in your field, you need to always prepare the best display possible. You can do this by purchasing a portable display box that you can decorate and set up to your liking. Consider these three tips to make the most of this display box purchase. 

#1: Pay Close Attention To Design And Planning

When you hit it out of the park at a trade show, you stand to gain a lot of business and connections. Because of this, you need to put your best foot forward by creating an exhibit that is eye catching, high quality and informational. As you plan one of these exhibits, start with your purpose. Are you attempting to roll out a new product or seek investors for a startup? Even though any business has a lot of needs and directions that should be explored, focus on one important goal for your exhibit. Be sure that any shipping case company that you do business with can also help you with the design of the exhibit. 

#2: Get A Display Shipping Case That Is Equipped With Fixtures That You Need And Set It Up Properly

When you buy a display case, you must also be aware of how you set it up. In this regard, consider the way that trade show traffic will flow, ensure that you have adequate storage space and capability and create eye catching components that let someone know your goal with the display in three seconds or less. Be sure that you shop for a display shipping case that has everything you need in order to put together an excellent exhibit. For instance, you will likely need some things like electricity, extension cords, computer and television hookups, flat panel screens, sound systems and more. When you are shopping for one of these cases, make sure that they can provide you with the additional service that you need, so that you can get all of these items in one place. 

#3: Make Sure That Your Case Is Easy To Transport 

Since you will most likely need to travel to get to your trade show, you'll need to be sure that any case you get is suitable for your mode of transportation. Invest in a display shipping case that you can easily fit in a car, or on a plane or a train. This way, you'll be able to pack more efficiently, while keeping your travel costs to a minimum. 

Keep these three points in mind as you begin looking for display boxes for your next show.   


9 April 2016

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