Current Can Seamer No Longer Working? Why Rebuilt Is The Way To Go


If you own or manage an industrial plant, you understand that one of the most important pieces of equipment on your line is the can seamer.  This piece of machinery locks products into their designated container by creating an airtight seam that prevents leakage and premature spoilage.  When your can seamer begins to malfunction, you may experience a moment of panic at the thought of having to spend the money to purchase a brand new one.  Learning more about the benefits of choosing a rebuilt seamer can help you determine if this is the better alternative for you.

Buying Rebuilt Gives You The Benefits Without The Price Tag

One of the most compelling reasons why it's such a good idea to get a rebuilt can seamer is because it gives you the opportunity to receive the benefits of a brand new model without the price tag.  This is key, since depending on the volume that you process at your plant each day, a new can seamer can cost thousands of dollars.

When you purchase a new can seamer, you are likely looking for a few things:  A warranty and sound parts.  However, this is what you get when you buy a rebuilt edition.  A used can seamer is taken apart, and each individual component of the device is examined.  Any faulty parts are replaced and the machine is restored to a condition that is as close to "like-new" as possible. 

In addition, when the machine is factory rebuilt, there is usually some type of warranty in place that will allow you to either have the seamer repaired or replaced should it stop functioning properly within a stated period of time.

Buying Rebuilt Keeps Your Line Rolling

Another reason why you should consider buying a rebuilt can seamer is because it can help keep your line rolling. The last thing you need is for a broken piece of equipment to halt your line, and purchasing a rebuilt seamer may help you avoid this.

Understand that the process of getting a large can seamer to your plant is not necessarily an easy one.  There could be a backlog for new seamers, and then there is the issue concerning the transportation of a piece of equipment that can weigh several tons to your facility.

If you choose the rebuilt route, a technician can be dispatched to your building and essentially rebuild your current seamer without having to remove it from the facility.  You get to save on freight costs, and can hopefully get your line moving as soon as possible.

Choosing a rebuilt can seamer is a key way for you to keep more of your profits in-house. The next time you need a new can seamer, go the rebuilt route so you can enjoy these benefits and more.


8 December 2015

Simplifying the Manufacturing Process

When you own a business, you might be more concerned about your financial bottom line than you are about anything else. Your employees might complain about the condition of the break room or the comfort of their foot mats, but if you don't have the money to replace things, it can be difficult to focus on speeding up your production line. When I was growing up, my dad owned a canning business, and I learned a lot from him. I want to teach you how to simplify the manufacturing process for your business, so that you can make things a little easier for yourself down the road.